Last Weekend Before Tour!

With all the other tour teams on the road, the girls of the Northeast Team and Midwest Team decided there was no better way to spend our final weekend together than exploring New York City and Hoboken, New Jersey. On Saturday, Mallory, Caitlin and Elaine ventured into the big city for a day full of food, sunshine and lots of walking. Our journey started off at one end of Central Park and zigzagged it’s way through the trails to the opposite end, not an easy task in stylish boots and sandals, that’s for sure.

After walking approximately 6 miles, we decided it was time to give our feet a rest and treat ourselves to some Italian cuisine. Lucky for us, the Feast of San Gennaro was taking place in Little Italy. There were tons of Italian food booths lining the streets serving everything imaginable, zeppole, terrone, pork braciole and our favorite, gelato! We decided to eat our late lunch at Lunella Ristorante, where we ordered manicotti, spaghetti and carbonara. Our plates were 100 percent clean when we finished our meal, so of course, it was delicious. There was no way we were walking away without dessert, so we made a quick stop at one of the vendor booths on the way out and indulged ourselves with mint chocolate chip, Oreo and hazel nut gelato.

Before heading back to Dover, we walked through Times Square, did a little bit of window shopping, and took one-too many pictures. By the time we got back to the hotel, we were all completely exhausted and passed out almost immediately.

Sunday morning we awoke re-energized and ready to explore the city of Hoboken, New Jersey. Lauren joined us on our journey this time as we spent our final day with each other. For lunch, we ate on the rooftop of City Bistro, which had a gorgeous view overlooking the city. We laughed about all time great times we have had so far, watched a little football and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

After lunch, we decided to stop at Carlo’s Bake Shop, the famous Hoboken bakery of Cake Boss. The line was a 45 minute wait, but definitely well worth it. We went back to Dover with plenty of cupcakes, cookies and pastries in hand.

Monday morning the Midwest Team departed for Ohio. Our Northeast Team has three more full days of work in the office before departing for the first stop in Pennsylvania. We are extremely anxious to get on the road and start putting on our events. Be sure to keep checking our blog so you can follow us on all of our adventures to come!