Weekend in Boston

The past four days have been full of events, traveling and lots of tourism.  Before our weekend in Boston began, we had one last event to finish.  The event was Adam’s last day with our team and Lauren’s official transfer to Master of Ceremonies.  We awoke extremely early on Friday and made our way to Reading Memorial High School to honor U.S. Army All-Americans Lucy Cronin-Golomb and Ellen Lowry.  Our event began at 8:40 and lasted about 30 minutes.  We had a great turnout and the two young ladies were absolutely amazing to work with.  We are all so excited to see Ellen and Lucy perform in San Antonio come January.

After our event we loaded up the van and headed to grab one last meal with Adam before we dropped him off at the airport.  We were all sad to see him go, but happy for him on his new opportunity with Rivals.  Once our goodbyes were said, Joe, Lauren and I headed into Boston to our hotel.  We stayed at Holiday Inn at Beacon Hill, an excellent choice.  The service was incredible, rooms were amazing and the location couldn’t have been better.  It was an easy walk to dinner at Kinsale, an Irish Pub and Restaurant filled with character and a cozy warmth, especially on a rainy cold night like Friday.  I opted for the salmon with vegetables and black rice, incredibly delicious, A+ choice.  Our server was extremely helpful and filled us in on all the attractions and nightlife, which we took her up on.  As suggested, we ended up spending the majority of our night on Bowdoin Street, an area full of restaurants, bars and pubs, great places to watch MLB.  What looked like an upsetting night for the Cardinals turned into an amazing W, making the night even that much more enjoyable.  Way to go, Cardinals!

Saturday we awoke to something we haven’t seen in a while, SUNSHINE!  Although the air was slightly chilly, the sun made it 100 times better.  Joe and I walked to Faneuil Hall Marketplace at Quincy Market and grabbed a bite to eat at Ned Devine’s Irish Pub, where again, I chose a scrumptious fish entrée, this time, roasted native haddock.  Delicious.

After another successful meal added to the tour books, I decided to go explore the city on my own.  Our hotel had a representative from Beantown Trolley Tours advertising in the lobby.  I figured this would be a fun way to discover what Boston has to offer, so I booked myself a ticket and headed out front to wait for the next trolley to pass by.  About 15 minutes later the trolley arrived.  I realized after boarding that I was the youngest person on this tour, at least by 15-20 years.  This didn’t bother me though, and I spoke with some great people from all over who were just as anxious to explore the city of Boston.

Our first stop was at the Boston Harbor where we boarded a ferry for a free harbor cruise that was included with our trolley tour ticket.  The cruise lasted for about 45 minutes, taking us through Boston Harbor to the Charleston Navy Yard.  Our tour guide gave us a brief history lesson while we all enjoyed the magnificent views and caught a few glimpses of seals frolicking in the water.

Stop Two: U.S.S. Constitution/ “Old Ironside”/ Bunker Hill

The second stop was one of my favorites.  We were dropped off at the Navy Yard where the Constitution Museum is located, as well as the U.S.S. Cassin Young, (photo posted below).  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the U.S.S. Cassin Young, it is a destroyer ship that was named after Captain Cassin Young, a Captain in the United States Navy whose heroism during the attack on Pearl Harbor earned him the Medal of Honor.  Young later passed in the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal after being hit by enemy shells.  A year after Young’s death, Bethlehem Steel Corporation launched the Cassin Young (DD-793) in his honor.  The ship went on to serve in World War II and was eventually preserved as a memorial ship in the Boston Navy Yard, opening to the public in 1981.

My next stop was the Bunker Hill Monument.  I have seen this monument in a great deal of movies, but to see it up close was remarkable.  The walk to get there was pleasant in itself and really made me happy to be where I am today; experiencing all the history the northeast has to offer.

The day was passing by way too quickly and it was unfortunately already time for the last trolley to take off.  I had only made the first few stops on the tour, but spent a little too much time admiring the sights that I ran out of time to see the other stops.  It made me wish I had started off the day a little earlier; at least I learned my lesson for when I venture back this way again.

After being dropped off at the transportation depot, I made the (what should have been) short walk back to my hotel.  It turned into about an hour or so walk after zigzagging my way through Boston Commons, watching the swans and ducks fight each other over bread thrown by passing children, and being amused by how close the tree squirrels followed me from behind.  These very simple things made me smile and were the perfect ending to an amazing day full of history lessons.

Sunday we had to check out of our hotel and head to New Hartford, New York for our next event.  The drive was absolutely gorgeous, rolling hills, spectacular foliage, a relaxing way to wind down from a weekend in the busy city.

I will fill you all in with our Monday event on my next post.  I have been glued to my computer for a little bit too long.  We don’t have an a.m. event tomorrow that I need to arise early for; however, Lauren and I are booked for a trail ride early afternoon.  I will be sure to post plenty of pictures from this upcoming adventure.

Cheers, until next time. -E