Surviving Sandy and Selection Tour Events

This past week and a half has flown by!  I have done so much that I have decided to make a few separate blog posts on what has been going on.  First off, our team ended up making it through Hurricane Sandy!  I tried to get a video of all the wind, but when I attempted to venture outside I was knocked over into the wall.  That pretty much put an end to my desire to be a weather videographer.  I do have a 6 second video clip that I can send to those interested.

As for storm damage around us, we did see quite a few trees, billboards and street signs knocked over.  We were in Pennsylvania when it happened, so we didn’t have any of the crazy water damage like New York City and New Jersey experienced.  Our electric did go out, but not for too long, thankfully.  Unfortunately, our AAG co-workers who work out of the office in Wharton, New Jersey weren’t as lucky.  Most of them were without power for at least a week.

Our events for both Monday and Tuesday were cancelled, leaving us with a short three-day work week before our four days off in Washington D.C.  Our Wednesday and Thursday events honored 2013 U.S. Army All-American Bowl Marching Band members Kathryn Downs of Cedar Cliff High School and Corey Mohar of Susquehannock High School.  These two students are amazing musicians and we cannot wait to see them perform in San Antonio.

Our Friday event honored two U.S. Army All-American football players, Alabama commit Jonathan Allen and Stanford commit Ryan Burns.  This event was our very first pep assembly, and let me tell you, it was amazing!  The band was rowdy as can be in the stands, playing the school Fight Song as the Stone Bridge High School students made their way into the gymnasium.  The cheerleaders were performing stunts and cheers on each side of the gym, and videographers and photographers were all over, adding to the incredible energy.  We had an amazing time at this event and are pumped to see Ryan and Jonathan take the field on January 5, 2013, LIVE on NBC.

With All-Americans Ryan Burns (left) and Jonathan Allen (right)

For more info on Jonathan Allen, visit:

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Fun Fact: Our tour mate Joe took the awesome headshots of these two All-Americans on our event day. Be sure to check them out by visiting the links above!