Scottish Highlands to Glasgow

En route to Glasgow we stopped off at the battlefield at Culloden, the site of a battle between Jacobite and government forces. Most of us were more excited to see the Highland Coos (cows) then learn about the history. Our tour guide Kristienne found this amusing, “Silly Americans”.

Next we stopped off at the ancient burial grounds of Clava Cairns. The Clava Cairns are an example of a circular burial chamber.

After visiting the Clava Cairns we headed to Glencoe, the site of the notorious 1692 MacDonald Clan massacre. We saw some more Highland Coos on the drive here, so cute!

IMG_0999IMG_0873That afternoon we finally arrived in Glasgow where we embarked on a tour of the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and a bus tour of the city. On the tour we discovered local highlights, including George Square and the River Clyde, and admired the city’s university and medieval cathedral. We had our farewell dinner this night since some of our group was leaving the next day. Everyone on our tour was great and we had the most amazing time.

Our next two days were spent exploring Glasgow. We re-visited the Kelvingrove Art Museum, took some photos at the Glasgow Cathedral, admired the street art, the botanical gardens and just enjoyed the beautiful scenery the city had to offer.