A Day at the Market

untitled-10b-2From accidentally ordering anchovies to not knowing the proper way to eat Korean BBQ, food in Korea has definitely been an adventure for us so far. Today was another day full of learning, specifically at the Seojeong-ri Market. Apparently this market is the place to be on days ending in a “5” or “7”, or so we have heard. That could be a total lie, but today (February 27th) seemed to have a lot more going on than when I went on the 24th. It is also the weekend, so who knows.untitled-2This particular market is walking distance from our new place. We will probably make frequent trips to purchase fruits and vegetables but the meats are questionable. Having had salmonella in the past, I’m not sure if I would want to take the risk again and buy meat that has been sitting out for a while, especially when I’m still struggling with how to work our oven and converting Celsius to Fahrenheit. (I totally had to wait for Adam to get home from work to show me 1.How to turn on the oven and 2.What the temperature controls meant.) What would I do without him?

Here are some photos I took from our outing:untitled-3Thank goodness for the Google translate app. Adam was taking a quick photo of the writing and translating it for me. Such a wiz on the iPhone he is. untitled-5Part of the market was covered and the rest was on the street. Vendors carried all sorts of meats, candy, fried foods, fruits, vegetables, clothing, shoes, you name it. There was even someone trying to sell her husband. Oh wait, that was me when Adam made me smell something rancid. My bad.untitled-6So much yumminess…or not. Before next year I will figure out how to cook a fish. Oh what lofty goals I have.untitled-7I can’t even…untitled-8

untitled-9Now THIS is more my style. I could eat these goodies all day.untitled-10untitled-11More fish. Of course I had to end with this photo. Bon appetite!

We are off to get pizza, haha. Next blog post I will inform everyone about how I heard Adam screaming on the toilet (and why), my NEW job (YES, I will start teaching English on Monday) and give you all the grand tour of our apartment.

안녕히 가세요 Pronounced: annyeonghi gaseyo (That means goodbye…I think. You can’t expect me to learn everything in one week now, can you? I just Googled that.)

-Until next time! -E.