Tegalalang Rice Terraces & Tanah Lot Temple

Just a 20 minute drive up the road from our AirBnB in Ubud you can find the beautiful Tegalalang Rice Terraces. This area is smaller and a bit more touristy than the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces we visited the day before, but just as beautiful.


The main parking area is by a bunch of shops that sell souvenirs, snacks and artwork. You can see the shops in the picture above. We bought a nice painting from a lady along with a few other souvenirs.


We spent about 90 minutes walking around the terraces and browsing the shops. The pathways were not as wide as Jatiluwih, but still pretty easy to walk on. I did slip and fall in a muddy hole though. As much as Adam hates taking photos and videos, he did make it a point to film me rinsing off in the hole and asking if the mud on my shorts looked like poo. I just love him so much sometimes…






I finally got a photo of the two of us! Adam hates photos. He didn’t want me posting this because he thought his hat was making his ears stick out like a monkey. Lucky for him, I think monkeys are cute.

Our next stop of the day was Tanah Lot Temple. This temple is found on may local paintings and postcards because of its unique location.



In 1489, a priest by the name of Dang Hyang Nirartha traveled from East Java to Bali to spread Hinduism. He came upon this site and decided to start sharing his beliefs here with the local villagers. The village chief was against Nirartha’s beliefs and tried turning his villagers against him. The legend says that Nirartha shifted the large rock below out to sea and transformed his shawl/sashes into sea snakes to guard the base of the rock. Spooky, Spooky!


The original name of the rock is Tengah Lod, meaning ‘in the sea’.


Tanah Lot Temple was pretty crowded when we went so we didn’t want to stay too long. We browsed a few of the shops around the temple before heading off to our new place for the night, Bali Eco Stay! CLICK HERE to read about our time at Bali Eco Stay.

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