Bali Eco Stay

untitled-54After spending four nights in Ubud, we ventured northwest up into the mountains for a night at the Bali Eco Stay. I wish we had booked more nights here because this place was straight out of a fairytale. Everything about it was perfect, (minus the drive there). There were so many potholes that I thought the wheels were all going to fall off. At one point, Adam bounced so hard that he hit his head on the roof of the van. Luckily he is hard-headed and it didn’t bother him. I however, can’t afford to lose any more brain cells, so I made sure my seatbelt was fastened tightly.


I forgot to take photos of the inside of our bungalow but did get it on video. You can watch our travel video HERE! It is a video of our entire trip though so you will have to suffer through the whole thing (or just fast forward to around minute 4ish and you will be almost to the eco stay part). HERE is a link to the actual room we stayed in for anyone that cares to be extra nosey. 🙂

The photo above was taken just out of our room. If you look closely, you can see a small stream. This led to one of the waterfalls we swam under. It was so neat, yet the water felt like ice cubes and if you know me well, then you know I am not a fan of anything cold.


This was a window on the right side of our wall looking towards another bungalow. If you were to sit on our bed and look straight out, that entire wall was open from about the chest up (or hip up on Adam because he is a giant). The open-air bungalows were actually pretty comfortable. It cooled down at night so there was no need for any cooling system. Luckily we had a mosquito net around the bed to keep out the bugs. Somehow a lightning bug managed to sneak through which then got my mind wandering about what else could sneak in. Adam barely touched my foot with his and I let out a loud scream thinking it was a killer spider or some other creepy critter. This happened about 3 or 4 other times during the night.


Even though the Eco Stay is located a bit far from some of the main tourist attractions, there were still a ton of activities that we could do. The eco stay offers trekking, mountain biking, yoga (Adam’s favorite!!!), massages as well as different workshops that show you how to make traditional Balinese items. They also have a driver so you can take a variety of different day trips around Bali.


We decided to go for a swim in the waterfall when we first arrived. Like I mentioned earlier, the water was FREEZING but I still managed to get in so we could get a video. The moment we got our good shots I pushed Adam away and ran for my towel. I may be exaggerating a bit on that but you get the idea.


Here is a mediocre photo that at least gives you an idea of the size. It definitely wasn’t as big as Sekumpul Waterfall but it was still so beautiful. Plus, we were the only ones at the waterfall and I believe two of four guests at the entire eco stay so it was super nice not being surrounded by tons of people.


The vegetation around the eco stay was stunning! I fell in love with this plant. I still need to track down what it is. Anyone know?


Adam said we had enough photos of rice terraces from earlier in our trip so I was only allowed to snap one photo of the terrace at the eco stay before getting a series of eye rolls and deep sighs. I wish I could live there.


There are several trails at the eco stay, guided and non-guided. We chose to go on the Green Walk without a guide. This was the shortest trek and took about 2 hours. We saw the two cuties above at the beginning of our trek. The baby started to follow us (SO CUTE) but the mom seemed annoyed. Even in this photo, she looks like she is giving us the evil eye. That calf though! Precious.


We passed by quite a few cows on our trek. Many were tied up in these hut looking structures. I wish I could have set them free. If I hadn’t passed a man with a giant machete earlier in the hike, I probably would have.


This dog joined us on our entire hike. We called him “Dog”. I don’t think he understood English, that or he was a stray and not trained whatsoever. He still made for great company.



Bananas! No monkeys 😦


“Dog” would get a bit aggressive when we passed other dogs throughout our hike. He would then pee and continue on.



I couldn’t get over how tall and skinny the trees were. It seemed as if they would break from being so thin but I guess not. Now that I think about it, Adam was super tall and thin when we first met too. Just like the trees. Not as much anymore. Maybe the trees just need oreos and ice cream for fertilizer.



I’m in love. It almost looks like a fawn.



During our time at the eco stay we had three meals, all of which were amazing. Don’t let the look on Adam’s face fool you. It was super yummy, he just doesn’t see the point in taking photos of food.


He is giving me the evil eye, just like that momma cow.



Fried bananas! YUM YUM YUM


This is the view from the eco stay restaurant. Stunning!


The fruits and vegetables used in the restaurant come from the eco stay’s garden while the chicken and fish are sourced locally from organic farms.



One of my favorite spots (because I am a kid at heart… or quite honestly, probably because I haven’t matured much since the age of 8) was the coconut tree swing. I could spend an entire afternoon on this swing. Adam got tired of pushing me after about 10 minutes though so I don’t think that an entire day on the swing would ever happen for me.




With shortly under 24 hours at the Bali Eco Stay, we managed to do a lot. Like I said earlier, I really wish we had more days here. I guess I will just have to convince Adam to come back again one day. 🙂 If anyone else ever ventures to Bali, this should definitely be a place on your list to visit.

Check back soon to read more about the last few days of our trip beach hopping! ❤